Northern Pulp

Replacement Effluent Treatment Facility

Environmental Assessment


The existing Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF) that is used by Northern Pulp must be closed by 2020, in accordance with the Boat Harbour Act. A new treatment facility will need to be designed and constructed to allow Northern Pulp to continue operation.

The Environmental Assessment (EA) will develop the overarching environmental plan for the replacement treatment facility. This EA study, when complete, will identify constraints and mitigation measures which will be incorporated into the final design, construction, and operation of the ETF to protect and support the environment.

  • Project Overview There are studies, engineering design, and ongoing engagement before the project is completed. Visit this page to learn more about the project, and the anticipated schedule.

  • Specialist studies and Engagement Materials are being posted on the website as they become available. Visit this page to read them, or download a copy.

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions will be updated throughout the project.

  • Effluent Treatment Facility Design is still on going. Visit this page to learn what has been completed to date, including: why a closed loop system isn't feasible, how the general outfall location was recommended, and a description of how the replacement facility works.

  • Environmental Assessment: Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) has determined, in accordance to the Nova Scotia Environment Act, that this project will follow a Class 1 EA. Visit this page to learn more about the EA process, and NSE's review.

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