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Northern Pulp Treatment Facility Project Registered

February 7, 2019

For Immediate Release

Northern Pulp Treatment Facility Project Registered

Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation’s (NPNS) effluent treatment facility project is now registered with Nova Scotia’s Environment Department.

“This is a significant milestone for this project that is vital to the continued operation of NorthernPulp, anchor to Nova Scotia’s forest industry” states Brian Baarda, Chief Executive Officer with Paper Excellence Canada. “An extensive amount of time, expertise and commitment has gone into the development of this modern world-class facility.”

The proposed project sees a new effluent treatment facility (ETF) constructed on Northern Pulp property which includes a water pipe to deliver treated effluent to Caribou Harbour. Ultimately, the effluent discharge will be into the Northumberland Strait, as has been the case since 1967.

“We all have the same goal which is to see Boat Harbour returned to its natural state,” explains Bruce Chapman, General Manager with Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation. “We simply need a bit more time to carry out due diligence in each phase from environmental assessment, to construction and commissioning of this new facility.”

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