Northern Pulp is committed to building an environmentally and financially sustainable business in Nova Scotia.


We constantly look to improve the global competitiveness of our products while enhancing our manufacturing operations. As part of our overall business plan, we pledge to enrich the well-being of the rural communities in which we operate.

Our goal is to be the best.


The Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Pulp Mill in Abercrombie Point, Pictou County, Nova Scotia has operated since 1967 and remains competitive in a global market.




We manufacture northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) more commonly referred to as pulp. Our product is derived from wood fibre that is used in all types of paper products. We supply our customers around the world with pulp to manufacture common household products such as tissue, towel, and toilet paper along with writing and photocopy paper.




Quality control begins with raw materials and ends only when the Kraft pulp is carefully wrapped and safely shipped to customers worldwide. Quality checks throughout the entire manufacturing process ensure customer requirements are met at each stage of production.


Softwood and hardwood chips along with pulp wood come from our sawmill suppliers, private wood suppliers and our managed woodlands operations. The region’s softwood chips are unique and the key to the quality process. Nova Scotia’s climate produces wood with long, shiny and flexible fibres which create Kraft pulp that is turned into top quality consumer paper products. Following delivery to the mill, pulp wood is chipped on site, mixed with purchased chips, and screened for size and quality in a chip thickness screening system and then cooked in a continuous digester.


The resulting pulp is washed then bleached in an elemental chlorine free (ECF) process. The pulp is dried, wrapped and prepared for shipment.


Maintaining and constantly improving quality is a commitment driven by all company employees for which process upgrading, training and quality control are ongoing goals.



  •  We manufacture 280,000 tonnes of pulp, primarily for export, every year, supporting thousands of jobs throughout Nova Scotia

  • The Mill operates approximately 353 days per year •Since 1998, over $157 million has been invested in the Mill to ensure safety, efficiency and productivity

  • Northern Pulp is predominantly self-sufficient with an internal power generation facility which produces over 90% of our electricity requirements

  • Our product is recognized in the market for its high quality, due to its strong tensile strength and low coarseness properties

  • Our Pictou Mill is ideally located to end-markets and has long-term access to high quality fibre (hardwood and softwood)

  • We are the largest consumer of wood fibre in Nova Scotia


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