Westville Canada Day Celebrations, New Glasgow Fireworks, Pictou Lobster Carnival, Race on the River, MS Society and Muscular Dystrophy.

These are just a few of the annual events Northern Pulp and some of our 300 employees and their families have been involved in supporting during spring and summer.

Ship Hector, New Glasgow Academy,  Pictou County Wellness Centre are among the major Pictou County community efforts that Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation has provided significant donations to on behalf of our employees and their families.

We also host a monthly local charity fundraiser that is one hundred percent employee driven. Through this program employees have raised funds for Molly’s Rainbow, Crohn’s & Colitis Canada, Pictou County Roots for Youth Society, Pictou County Christmas Fund.

Northern Pulp has been part of the Pictou County region for nearly fifty years. We’re proud to continue investing in the community and plan to do so for decades to come.

As Ruth Stafford Peale said, find a need – and fill it.

Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation will only consider written requests submitted to for donation and/or sponsorships. Review our Corporate Donations policy here.

Our employees and company contribute to the United Way of Pictou County every year


2015 has been an interesting year for our mill here in Abercrombie.


It has been a year of accomplishments for us with the completion of our precipitator furthering our commitment to the environment and families that surround us……And the families that we employ. Both directly and indirectly.


We have worked hard to establish ourselves once again in this community and province as a profitable and environmentally sustainable business in Pictou County.

As part of his keynote address during the June 16 Engage Nova Scotia forums, Ray Ivany stated it is time to move away from the either/or way of thinking  to a ‘both/and’ way of thinking.

Much of the discussion around water coolers regarding Northern Pulp has been one of jobs or the environment. We at Northern Pulp, and our owner Paper Excellence, believe in the “both/and” – we can have both jobs and the environment.

Which brings us back to our opening comment about 2015.  2015 is the year that the precipitator allowed us to improve our environmental footprint while not only maintaining our direct employee base……But also providing work for over with over 250 construction workers onsite for much of the past 12 months.

We’ve had a long history here at the mill.  Over the years, there have been a lot of rough patches and adversity.

We are one hundred percent committed to ‘both/and’ by continuing to improve our facility, operations and environmental footprint, while maintaining our position as a strong, reliable employer in this region and supporting the efforts of our partners that are vital to our success.

General Manager Bruce Chapman has said it many times this year – This is the right time for Northern Pulp.

We have the right owner who is committed and ready to invest in the mill and our facilities.

We have the right product, with a strong worldwide demand worldwide.

And we have the right people – a dedicated, solid workforce.

Indeed, 2015 has been an interesting year and we look forward to the future. And our role in it.

Gardner Pinfold Economic Impact Study (read the press release here)

Northern Pulp Employee Daughters and Sons Scholastic Awards

Each year, Northern Pulp offers five scholastic awards, each valued at $1,000, to the daughters and sons of Company employees.  The awards apply to any full-time degree or diploma program at an accredited post-secondary university, college, technical training facility or community college.

We are proud to support the leaders of tomorrow!

If you are a Northern Pulp employee and have a child who qualifies for an award, please download the application here.

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