Northern Pulp Nova Scotia

The Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation (NPNS) pulp mill in Abercrombie Point, Pictou County, Nova Scotia has operated since 1967. NPNS manufactures northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) more commonly referred to as pulp. Thanks to unique conditions in Nova Scotia, pulp from NPNS is recognized for its high quality and strength. Customers from around the world purchase pulp from NPNS to manufacture common household products such as tissue, paper towel and writing paper.

The original mill was built in 1967 by the Scott Paper Company. Following ownership by Scott, the mill was owned by the Kimberly- Clark Corporation, the Neenah Paper Company of Canada and then as Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation (NPNS). As NPNS, the plant was held by Atlas Holdings and Blue Wolf Capital Management, prior to its current ownership under Paper Excellence Canada Holdings Corporation. Paper Excellence has owned NPNS since 2011.

When Paper Excellence made the purchase, it was known that significant environmental improvements were necessary. Since purchase in 2011, many of these projects and improvements have been realized.


With over 300 dedicated employees, NPNS generates over $315 million annually into the Nova Scotia economy. NPNS indirectly provides over 2040 rural jobs as the province’s largest supplier of sawlogs. NPNS is one of the provinces’ largest land managers, overseeing 250,000 hectares of forested lands in Nova Scotia. Over the past 50 years of managing lands in Nova Scotia, NPNS has helped set aside over 60,000 hectares of high conservation value lands so they can be put into permanent protection.


To learn more, visit the NPNS website.

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