At Northern Pulp we strive for excellence in all aspects of our business - from the woodlands through to the manufacturing process and on to our customers


Wastewater treatment facility

At Northern Pulp, we strive for excellence in all that we do.  We produce top quality household products ranging from tissue, paper towel and toilet paper to writing and photo copy paper.


Northern Pulp is a cornerstone of Nova Scotia’s forestry industry. We are proud to be an integral part of Pictou County since 1967. Our team consists of hundreds of direct, full-time employees, and our partnerships with local sawmills and forest contractors generates thousands of jobs province-wide bringing significant wealth for Nova Scotia’s economy.


We care about our province, its people and the environment. Northern Pulp responsibly manages hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest land as well as Nova Scotia’s largest tree nursery in Debert, which allows us to run a truly sustainable business.


Northern Pulp is committed to creating well-paying jobs for Nova Scotians, supporting the region’s economy, protecting the environment and the wellbeing of our rural communities.


Located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Northern Pulp manufactures 280,000 tonnes of Kraft pulp annually, primarily for export. Customers around the world are supplied with pulp to manufacture common household products such as tissue, towel and toilet paper, writing and photo copy paper. Since start up in 1967, Northern Pulp has earned and maintained a reputation as one of North America’s leading manufacturers of northern bleached Kraft pulp.


With over 300 dedicated employees, we generate over $200 million annually into the Nova Scotia economy.


A cornerstone business in rural Nova Scotia for almost 50 years, Northern Pulp has a solid plan that sees it continue to succeed in today’s global market and for decades to come.


Wastewater treatment facility


Northern Pulp’s customers from all around the world demand a product sourced from environmentally responsible forest management.


Westville Canada Day Celebrations, New Glasgow Fireworks, Pictou Lobster Carnival, Race on the River, MS Society and Muscular Dystrophy.

These are just a few of the annual events Northern Pulp and some of our 300 employees and their families have been involved in supporting during spring and summer.

Campers in the Woods


Forest Stewardship is vital to Northern Pulp.
We are one of the provinces’ largest land managers, overseeing 250,000 hectares of forested lands in Nova Scotia. 


Northern Pulp is committed to building an environmentally and financially sustainable business in Nova Scotia.

We constantly look to improve the global competitiveness of our products while enhancing our manufacturing operations. As part of our overall business plan, we pledge to enrich the well-being of the rural communities in which we operate.

Our goal is to be the best.


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Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation
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