Environmental Assessment 

Environmental Assessment Process 


In accordance with the Nova Scotia Environment Act, the design and construction of a treatment facility to replace the existing facility at Boat Harbour is a 'modification to an existing undertaking'. The design and construction of a new facility will follow the process of a Class 1 Environmental Assessment (EA). EA approval from the Nova Scotia Minister of Environment is required prior to construction and operation. 


As part of a Class 1 project, impacts to valuable ecological components will be assessed and mitigation measures identified. This includes assessing the socio-economic and natural environments. Additional information on what an EA is, and the EA process is available on Nova Scotia Environment's (NSE) website. Follow this link to NSE’s guidance document on citizen engagement with the EA process.


The general process of an EA is outlined below. More detailed information on the project schedule and progress can be found in the project overview


Federal agencies will provide input to the province's EA review and will be engaged as required.


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