Nearby cities: Calgary, Alberta, Kelowna,British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta
Coordinates:   49°54’56″N   115°45’50″W

Skookumchuck produces 650 metric tonnes per day of premium grade softwood pulp for markets in North America and Asia, where it is used to make quality paper products. It currently employs 290 employees.

Opened in 1968 by Crestbrook Forest Industries, the mill was acquired by Tembec Inc. in 1999. Paper Excellence Canada Holdings Corp purchased the mill from Tembec in 2013.

Paper Excellence Group is a privately owned group of companies in the pulp and paper industry. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the Group has close to 2 million tonnes of pulp production capacity, 550,000 tonnes of paper production capacity through 4 mills (5 with this acquisition) in Canada, 2 mills in France and 1 mill in Germany. Paper Excellence mills are strategically located in close proximity to ports, which keeps its distribution costs low.

Skookumchuck is a word derived from First Nations languages and means “strong water.”