Howe Sound P&P


3838 Port Mellon Hwy
Port Mellon, BC V0N 2S0
Tel: 604.884.5223
Fax: 604.884.2170

  • Location: British Columbia, Canada
  • Capacity: 425,000 ADMT (NBSK), 230,000 ADMT (Newsprint)
  • Employees: 540

Howe Sound P&P’s Port Mellon mill produced the first wood-fiber based paper in British Columbia a century ago (in 1909). A $1.3 billion modernization and expansion project in the 1990s made Howe Sound’s mill the most modern newsprint and kraft pulp manufacturer with the lowest emissions in the country. Today, Howe Sound P&P remains an industry leader in product quality and environmental protection. Howe Sound P&P commits to maintain its position as an industry leader in environmental protection. In 2010, Howe Sound reached an agreement with BC Hydro to start reducing the mill’s electricity consumption by 65 gigawatt hours and generating 400 gigawatt hours of renewable clean electricity annually.