PE Wins for the Second Year at the BC Export Awards

For the Second Year in a row Paper Excellence was victorious at the BC Export Awards.  For 2014 PE won in the Jobs Creation category!  Director, Bujung Wahab was present to accept the award on behalf of the head office and all our Mills


Our win here is a testament to our growth in the past year.  Most of all it’s the most profound compliment to our employees, the people who endure hour longs and a lot of hard work so that we can achieve our daily goals.   It’s not easy to expand in what many may consider to be a ‘sunset industry’ here in Canada but through our innovation and our work in developing new markets we believe can continue to challenge ourselves.  We also hope to inspire others in their business endeavors and continue to share ideas.  As always we want to thank our peers here tonight, and the provincial government for supporting our industry


Special thanks to Soo Feng Ker and Bujung Wahab


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