Paper Excellence- Winner of BC Export Awards Natural Resources Category

We’re proud to announce that Paper Excellence won at the BC Export Awards in the Natural Resources Category.  Logistics Manager, Eddy Harsono  and Recruitmer, Barb Bunting attended the tradeshow in the morning and Director Buyung Wahab and executive assistant, Soo Feng Ker attended the afternoon awards ceremony.

Buyung accepted the award on behalf of the Company and said in his acceptance speech:

Thank you everyone.  As a young Company, we are very honoured by this award.   Teamwork, accountability and health and safety are at the core of our values, and our Company spirit, so we give thanks to all our employees and our shareholders for exemplifying these ideals.  As a growing company, we constantly strive to challenge the limit, and provide products at the the lowest cost and with the highest efficiency.Thank you to all our peers, and the provincial government for supporting our industry

Thank you to everyone who helped us obtain this award especially to those who helped us in the preparation process for attending the awards.  Thanks to HR for making preparations for the trade show.  Thank you to our entire staff-both Mill and HQ-for all your tireless efforts!


Buyung Wahad with Hon. Minister Wat and Shaun Stevenson PRPA 1

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