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Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation
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Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation
260 Granton Abercrombie Branch Rd
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At Northern Pulp we strive for excellence in all aspects of our business - from woodlands through to the manufacturing process and on to our customers

Located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Northern Pulp manufactures 280,000 tonnes of Kraft pulp annually, primarily for export. Customers around the world are supplied with pulp to manufacture common household products such as tissue, towel and toilet paper, writing and photo copy paper. Since start up in 1967, Northern Pulp has earned and maintained a reputation as one of North America’s leading manufacturers of northern bleached Kraft pulp.

With over 300 dedicated employees, we generate over $200 million annually into the Nova Scotia economy.

A cornerstone business in rural Nova Scotia for almost 50 years, Northern Pulp has a solid plan that sees it continue to succeed in today’s global market and for decades to come.


To be a profitable, sustainable and globally competitive fibre products supplier that is environmentally and economically beneficial to all stakeholders.


Through innovation and adaptability, provide cellulose-based products at the lowest possible cost.  We will constantly improve the global competitiveness of our customers, while enhancing the sustainability of our manufacturing operations and the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

Northern Pulp Forest Nursery

  • Northern Pulp’s forest nursery presently produces and ships approximately 6 million seedlings annually. Annual capacity is about 8 million trees.
  • Approximately 5 million seedlings from our nursery are planted annually on the following land tenures Northern Pulp company owned, crown leased lands, and private lands with funding provided by Northern Pulp through their private land silviculture program.
  • We supply an additional 1 million seedlings to other forest companies in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick each year.
  • All seedlings are started from improved seeds, the majority which comes from our on site seed orchards.
  • Nursery growing facilities consist of 29 greenhouses (1.0 hectare) and 2.6 hectares of outside irrigated growing pads.
  • The nursery employs approximately twenty-two (22) seasonal staff performing such jobs as seeding, thinning, grading, fertilizing, shipping and root pruning the seedlings.
  • Seedlings are reared using a “jiffy” mesh wall container system, which allows for improved root growth in plantations.
  • Tree species grown at the nursery include white, red and black spruce, red and white pine, hybrid larch, and balsam fir.

Tree Improvement Program and Seed Orchards

  • Northern Pulp Nova Scotia is an active member of the Nova Scotia Tree Improvement Working Group, a cooperative involved in the selection, propagating, and progeny testing of forest tree species.
  • We have in excess of 17 hectares of first and second generation orchards in white, black, and Norway spruce and Japanese larch, propagated from grafts and/or seedlings, solely for the production of genetically improved seed for our nursery.
  • Northern Pulp has in excess of 46 hectares of forest progeny tests (57 tests) from our orchard material, established on lands throughout Nova Scotia. Results from these tests are being currently used to (1) remove less productive orchard material, and (2) provide material to propagate second generation orchards.
  • Through testing and selection of the orchard populations, significant improvements are currently being realized in the areas of plantation growth and yield, insect resistance, and adaptation to changing environmental conditions.