Northern Pulp Management

Bruce Chapman, General Manager

With the current demand and increasing growth in the world market for Kraft pulp and with continued commitments to invest, I’m confident Northern Pulp will continue building a financially and environmentally sustainable business in Pictou County and throughout Nova Scotia.

This confidence is based on several key factors, one of which is to continue to produce a high quality pulp fibre product for our customers worldwide while building a strong customer base. Secondly, we must continue to improve our environmental footprint throughout the entire manufacturing process. Safety is first and foremost in our daily lives as we commit to an accident free workplace.
The key to our success in rural Nova Scotia ultimately rests in the hands of our employees, our contractors, our business partners and owner who through their combined dedication continuously turn out the best possible product.

We have entered into a new era for this company, which has been a major contributor to the region for decades. Northern Pulp now has a progressive owner committed to investing in the mill and the community; a dedicated workforce and a client base that continues to grow.

Northern Pulp is a significant employer in the region. Many rural families rely on us being here for the long term. This is a commitment we take seriously. We will succeed.

Executive Team

Bruce Chapman
General Manager

Janice Bucher
Technical Assistant to the General Manager

Terri Fraser
Technical Manager

Kathy Cloutier
Communications Director

Richard Carter
Human Resources Manager

Rick Archibald
Woodlands Manager

Tom Dewtie
Supply Chain Manager

Rainer Bergant
Engineering/Maintenance Manager

Stephanie Kennedy

Corinne Walsh
Community Relations

Chandra Mouli
Power and Recovery Manager