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Howe Sound Pulp and Paper is one of the finest, most efficient paper and kraft pulp producers in the world. We invite you to share in our past accomplishments and future success.

We are proud of our place in history—the original Port Mellon mill produced BC’s first wood-fibre based paper in 1909. Since then the mill has continued to distinguish itself by investing in new technologies as they became available. A $1.3 billion modernization and expansion project in the 1990s established Howe Sound as a North American leader in newsprint and kraft pulp manufacture.

Over the last 100 years Howe Sound has grown with the Sunshine Coast community, building a solid reputation for product excellence and ecological stewardship, and contributing to the social fabric of the entire region. Customers regularly rank us as their preferred supplier of fine kraft pulp and quality newsprint—a fact we are proud of but do not take for granted. Our reputation is built one customer at a time, and we look forward to a bright future of contributing to each and every one of our customers’ success stories.

Fibre Supply

Our quality pulp and newsprint products begin with the best natural resources – wood fibre harvested from BC’s sustainably managed commercial softwood forests.

Our chip suppliers provide a reliable flow of high-quality chips made as a by-product from BC’s sawmilling industry. The best quality logs are used by the sawmills and we procure all the trim and waste products.  Also, those logs not suitable for higher-value products, are procured and made into chips at one of our chippers.

Forest practice regulations in BC and Canada are among the most stringent in the world, demonstrating leadership in forestry policy regulation, which creates high level of sustainably managed certified forests.  We track those certifications using our Chain of Custody system and pass credits on with our products.  Buyers can be confident they are making the right choice for the environment by choosing forest products from BC.

BC’s forests are managed in a fully sustainable manner, with mandatory reforestation. Soon after public land is logged, it must be replanted with native species suited to the local ecological conditions. BC’s forests cover 60 million hectares—an area larger than France. Less than one percent of the province’s forests are logged each year.

At Howe Sound, we take responsibility for the role we are playing in managing BC’s forests. Our Sustainability program and modern, efficient mill processes help ensure that BC’s forests are protected for future generations.

Chain of Custody Policy

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation (HSPP Corp) is committed to environmentally sound business practices.  To this end, HSPP Corp has established a Chain of Custody (CoC) & Controlled Wood System that provides a linkage between certified forests and the raw material we use in our manufacturing process.

We are able to provide the assurance to our customers that we will:

  • Track the country and district of origin of our fibre sources.
  • Track and record the volume of certified fibre from forests certified by:
    • Canadian Standards Association Sustainable Forest Management (CAN/CSA-Z809)
    • Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI)
    • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)
  • Track and record the volume of non-certified fibre and ensure that best efforts are implemented to avoid trading and sourcing controversial wood fibre.   This means that all wood fibre:
    • Originates from a legal and authorized source.
    • Is harvested with consideration to traditional or civil rights.
    • Is harvested with regard to relevant safety and labour regulations relating to forest workers.
    • Is not harvested from high conservation value forests.
    • Does not originate from forests being converted to non-forest use, nor from forests containing genetically modifies trees.
    • Contains only those arboreal species not classified as endangered by CITES, nor originating from countries with sanctions on forest based products.
  • Maintain a Management System for the tracking of the fibre, including annual audits and management reviews to ensure the controls and documentation are effective and maintained.
  • Ensure our business practices meet Provincial and Federal requirements for health & safety and also the International Labour Organization’s Core Conventions for labour standards.
  • Communicate information to our customers regarding the Chain of Custody and certified fibre used in our manufacturing process.